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Are You a Million Dollar Money Magnet? An Experiment

I think, being realistic, the vast majority of us would answer the question 'Are you a million dollar money magnet?' with a resounding negative.
In fact, the vast majority of us would argue that we aren't any kind of money magnet, let alone a million dollar money magnet.
However, according to the Law of Attraction, we are, all of us, certainly capable of becoming a million dollar money magnet.
According to the Law of Attraction, we 'get what we think about', because like attracts like.
Positive thoughts attract positive experiences and outcomes.
Negative thoughts attract negative experiences and outcomes.
The funny thing is, even the most cynical amongst us has experienced something unpleasant and thought (without a hint of irony), 'I just knew that was going to happen!' We seem to casually accept the idea of The Law of Attraction when it comes to the negative aspects of life, but we're resistant to the notion that we can use the Law of Attraction to attract great things into our lives.
The Experiment: are you a dollar magnet? It would be wonderful if we could just jump straight in at the deep end and perform an experiment to see whether or not you're a million dollar money magnet, but first we need to increase your sense of awareness about the Law of Attraction, to instil in you the notion that the Law of Attraction is real and very much within reach.
Each morning, before setting off to work (or college or whatever), find a quiet place to sit and repeat the following: Today, I am going to find a dollar.
Today, I am going to find a dollar.
Today, I am going to find a dollar.
Today, I am going to find a dollar.
And whilst you're reciting this phrase (as often as time allows, but at least thirty times), imagine yourself seeing a dollar on the sidewalk.
It's drifting in a slight breeze and that breeze is blowing the dollar bill toward you.
There are other people around, but none of them appear to see the dollar.
Only you are aware of its presence.
Consequently, only you can find the dollar.
It drifts right up to your feet.
You bend down and pick it up.
You study the face of George Washington and read the words 'Federal Reserve Note, The United States of America, One Dollar'.
You fold it in two and put it in your pocket.
Once you find your dollar, out there, in the real world, you'll experience a little frisson of excitement and you'll think: If I can be a dollar magnet, why can't I be a million dollar money magnet? Good luck.

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