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Use Peg Word For Memorization

You have tried memorizing small group of words, perhaps 3 to 5 items at a time.
But there will come a time when you'll need more than 5 items to remember or even more than that.
When you're mentally unprepared to load your brain with information, there is a big chance you won't catch up with anything.
For this type of task, you'll need to memorize information in large quantity and to do that; peg word method is just the right way to use.
Peg word method relates to numbers.
This would mean that you need to link information in words with numbers.
The way you do it is simple.
When you need to remember certain information, let's say a cinnamon bun, you need to associate it with a number in your peg system.
In this case, we'll take the number 9 equivalent to the item cinnamon bun.
In order to understand how a peg word method works, when you need to remember the item, just think of the number associated with the peg word, so given the example, you can create a peg word that rhymes with the number 9.
Let's make the word 'pine' as the number 9 peg word.
In turn, for you to remember strongly the item cinnamon bun, imagine a pine tree with buns as its fruits.
The association you made between the number 9, the peg word and the item you need to remember is evident by this time.
You'll never forget what number 9 could mean to you.
If you need to go beyond 10 numbers, all you need to do is to add a classification to the group of numbers.
For example, everything between numbers 0 to 9 should all have the color green while the numbers from 10 to 19 should all have the shade of yellow and so on and so forth.
This way, your thoughts won't go astray in memorizing anything beyond the 10th item.
You will still have a guide with the type of peg words you need to associate your items with which can help you remember.

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