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Autism Treatment – Cod Liver Oil

We'll cover a little about cod liver oil and its beneficial properties. Cod liver oil has been widely regarded for many years, and that also applies to its use in the Autism community as well. Cod liver oil provides benefits to children in a couple of different ways. It is a fish oil which means it is rich in EPA and DHA, these are essential fats that are necessary for brain development. But, cod liver oil also provides a natural form of vitamin A which is beneficial for healthy eyes.

Through the research of Dr. Megson many years ago, it was found that quite a few children with Autism also suffer from issues related to visual stimming. Visual stimming can include side glancing, flicking fingers in front of their eyes and other visual behaviors. When supplementing with between one and two teaspoons of cod liver oil a day, many children found positive benefits and had reduced visual stims. The way that visual information is passed from the eye to the visual cortex was helped with the natural vitamin A in cod liver oil. The vitamin A in the cod liver oil also had a positive effect on the retinal receptors.

Over the years this theory about the visual benefits has been proven accurate time and time again and cod liver oil has become a very common treatment for children with Autism, especially if they have the visual stimming or side glancing. Cod liver oil can be used as an effective remedy for those issues. And now many supplement programs include cod liver oil, along with basic supplements like a multi-vitamin, multi-mineral, probiotics and zinc.

Cod liver oil can be a nice addition to your supplement program to help address some of the visual issues your child may have. Cod liver oil is rich in the essential fats and has become a very common remedy, and it is usually easy to administer. You can find a few different versions through New Beginnings Nutritionals. I  encourage you to look at cod liver oil as a nice remedy for your child.

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