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The Key To Improving Mindset

Being a successful person is something that many of us seek out in our lives.
What makes the difference between those who come out on top and those who continue to miss the mark? Is it education or life style? Is there some 5 step program that you can follow to get there? Can success be learned or is it a product of breeding? There are so many questions people have in regards to achieving the brass ring.
We all want to get ahead and make that difference.
The reality of it all is that each and every one of us is born with the potential to be great and achieve success beyond our wildest dreams.
What holds us back is our perspective about who we are and who we are meant to be.
Perspective or mindset is such a powerful tool to achieving success and can also be a massive deterrent to success.
Many people do not even realize that they are the ones holding themselves back from achieving greatness.
When I speak of "mindset" I am not only speaking of your conscious outlook on life but even more important is how you feel in that very moment.
Having a sense of joy and energy in every moment as you progress through your day.
This seems simple but it is very difficult.
The purpose of maintaining joy and in turn a high level of energy is to bring forth the situations that you need to address in order to make the changes you need in life.
Let me give you an example.
When you are going through your day and your energy is high and you feel joy, watch for little indicators.
If you encounter someone and you feel that energy drop, you find yourself feeling uncomfortable or you judge that person, this is an important moment.
The drop in energy is a sign or hint that something about that person triggers a hidden belief you have.
It can be as simple as how someone is dressed or the colour of the person's hair that will bring forth the trigger.
What makes this so important to recognize is that when your energy is lowered you are not in your optimal state of achievement.
Now the fortunate thing is that this is an unconscious choice that your body is making to react to a situation.
This is fortunate because as you know if it is a choice to have low energy then you can choose to have high energy as well.
This takes practise and will feel strange at first but you will become accustom to maintaining a high level of energy all the time.
As you move through your day keep the joy energy high in your body.
When this energy is lowered, which will happen because you are human, choose to bring it back up.
You will experience awkwardness but don't be alarmed this is normal.
Keep practising each day and like all things it will become easier.
The great thing about this practise is you don't need to let anyone know you are doing it.
In fact I would stress not to let anyone know as you want to experience the opportune moments of energy dropping for yourself.
It is the best way to learn how to create a new mindset of success.
Also, remember to be compassionate with yourself and when it is needed give yourself a break.
You will deserve it.

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