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Ways to Discovering Your Life Purpose

There is an interesting theory about discovering your life purpose.
When you know you life purpose, there is clarity and it gives you hope and direction.
The first step to discover your life purpose is to look inside us.
Our life is like an onion, it has many layers of experience, influence and habits.
As human, we react to situation and conditioned ourselves with the environment, as such sometimes we lose track of our core value and beliefs.
Reflect on your thoughts, feelings, beliefs and motivations.
Examine your attitude towards certain people and situation.
Do you feel happy with your action or the decision you have made.
Peel away the layers of negative emotions and habits that are stifling your progress and creativity.
Uncover the real you, the person you are comfortable with, your real motivation and what makes you happy.
The second step is to ensure that you conscientiously stay away from the stumbling blocks of your life.
They are your negative emotions, your fear, anger and self doubt.
It is not going to be easy; they are your mountains to climb.
But the advantage is you know what they are and what you should do.
The third step is to find out what makes you happy.
Have you ever feel your creativity soar when you are not restricted by your own fears? This is the first sign of you realising your life purpose.
To find out more about how to discover your life purpose, here is an extract from the book The Life You Were Born To Live written by Dan Millman.
many of us don't consciously recognise or acknowledge that we even have a specific life purpose, our subconscious knows what we are her to do; reaches out to us, sending messages through our dreams, intuitions and innermost longs.
The call of our destiny manifest as our deepest drives and abilities - the hidden forces behind our personality.
This drives shape our career and our relationship and influence the quality and direction of our life.

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