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Leaders Are Crystal Clear on Their Objective

10% leaders practice their leadership skills every day.
If you have a system, it's easy to rise to the top within you peer group.
These 10 steps are a system that you can use for any situation or any task and create consistent focused results.
After all being a leader is all about - what you do, and how you do it.
You have to become an action taker in every situation.
These actions will define who you are.
The good news is that there is a system, a series of steps that you can take in any situation that will define what the actions should be.
The first step is to know beyond any shadow of a doubt what you are about to be doing.
You have to have an objective; you have to have a goal.
You have to ask the question - What's the OBJECTIVE? The objective has to be crystal clear in your mind.
No maybes, no fuzzy thinking, you need absolute clarity.
The clearer the objective is to you the straighter the line will be, to get to that objective.
You want to eliminate the miss steps and the steps backwards, the zigging and the zagging.
You want to avoid the winding road to get to you objective.
This is no time for fuzzy thinking.
A zig zagging path towards the goal is wasteful of time, of energy, it sucks at your confidence, costs more money, destroys momentum and your worth to society in general.
Ask the question - What is the objective? Don't just ask yourself.
Ask your team.
Ask your boss.
Ask anyone and everyone until you are sure of the task at hand.
Get the details, know what's expected and know what the end result is supposed to be.
Be the arrow.
Have the target straight ahead of you in your mind.
Asking and clarifying will open your mind to the possibilities of how to achieve the objective; will open your mind to new and different possibilities, new thoughts, better ways of doing things and new efficiencies.
If the goal is very, very clear the next step, coming up with a plan to achieve the objective becomes much easier.
This is the foundation that you are building you reputation, your sense of worth upon.
Become the rock - get this step right.
Leadership Step # 1 - What Is The Objective? This is simple stuff.
Anyone can do step # 1.
Step 2 is a little tougher.

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