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Prehistoric Diet - Loose Weight The Caveman Way

Prehistoric Diet

The prehistoric diet is a great diet for people trying to loose weight while at the same time avoiding all those modern foods packed with chemicals and overly processed ingredients.

It's these types of hidden ingredients with names that should be on a chemical chart that are causing weight gain and making it almost impossible to stick to our diets as we try and decipher what the heck we are consuming.

The main benefit of the prehistoric diet is that it will totally avoid man made sugars which are the cause of obesity and the increase in overweight individuals. Our bodies are designed to crave sugars and fats and with sugars being so readily available now a days its really a battle to try and stay at a healthy weight.

Prehistoric Diet Rules

The prehistoric diet is very simple with only 2 main rules

Eat what you can GROW - Plants

Eat what you can slaughter - Animals

Those rules are very simple to follow which means you will avoid pretty much everything man made and eat things as nature intended them.

You can also incorporate moderate exercise as the caveman did for their prehistoric diet and of course some foraging for berries if that is your thing. The act of hunting or searching for your food is a lost art and depending on where you live you may find exotic vegetables growing in your neighbourhood.

I often collect wild spring onions and herbs in my local park which I use in stir Fry's. I was worried about the prehistoric diet and not being able to find the foods available in the supermarket but its quite simply anything that looks unnatural i just didn't touch. I started to eat more fresh seafood and plenty of lean meats as well as nuts and seeds.

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