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Tips in Relieving Coccyx Pain

Coccyx pain is also called coccydynia and this involves pain in the tailbone. This will make people suffering from it hard to sit down. This is caused by something that gave trauma to the tailbone such as falling on the buttocks. It can be unbearable to the sufferer and difficult for him to manage the pain. This should then be done slowly as the body gradually heals itself and then everything will go back to its normal way.

When one suffers from coccydynia, he must not sit long so that the pain would lessen. It is best to just lie down so that the coccyx area would not be stressed.  If one needs to sit down, he must sit on something soft such as a pillow. This will provide cushion to the area and help lessen the pressure.

There are pain relievers for this kind of pain. These are anti-inflammatory medicines that would minimize both the pain and inflammation.  An example is ibuprofen and mefenamic acid. Such medicines should be taken as per prescription. These can be found in pharmacies and they can either be generic in form or branded.  It is best to speak to a doctor prior to taking such prescription drugs.  

Another way to reduce coccyx pain is ice. This should be placed on the affected area for a quarter of an hour 4 to 6 times. This should not be overdone because it can lead to frostbite. Using a whirlpool, hot tub or a damp heating pad on the affected area can also relieve the pain. All these emit heat which should be placed on the area for 15 minutes. This should also be done 4 to 6 times daily and not more. Too much heat can lead to inflammation and swelling

A chiropractor can help prescribe the different options for treatment. These include stretching, massage and spinal manipulation. Other treatments include electrical muscle stimulation and ultrasound. An X-ray of the affected area will be done by the chiropractor so as to help discern the kind of treatment needed.   

Another cause of tailbone pain is constipation. To prevent constipation, one should eat fibrous foods and drink plenty of liquids (water) for the stool to become soft and frequent. Each day, he should eat 20-35 grams of fiber. There are also fiber supplements that can be taken so as to have a healthy digestive system. Foods rich in fiber are fruits, vegetables, whole grains and beans.

One way to help lessen the pain of the tailbone is using a doughnut pillow to sit on. When one sits for a lengthy period, this will make the pain worse. Activities that need sitting down is driving and working. The sufferer must therefore rest his buttocks on doughnut pillows until the pain goes away. This kind of pillow is made for coccydynia and has a hole on the middle. This will not give extra pressure on the tailbone when he sits on it. This type of pillow shall quicken recovery and minimize pain.

Coccyx pain can make one suffer from a low quality of life thus it is important to help relieve it.

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