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Positive Self Esteem - The Key to Your Success

Over the years I have learned that self-esteem, self-confidence are the key to success.
Without these traits you cannot move forward in your life.
I had the pleasure of working for Shirley Temple Black in the '70s and typed her speeches on my state-of-the-art IBM Selectric® typewriter.
Black was a delight and had the self-confidence and presence to reach many people.
I saw her husband, Charles Black, more than I saw Mrs.
Black as he delivered work for me to do for her.
He was always bragging about his wife.
He was so proud of her.
He rarely talked about himself, only his wife.
Black had a wonderful support team in her family-even her oldest daughter, Susan, came by once in a while with work and she also would boast about her mother.
Thinking about this wonderful memory made me aware that in order to achieve our dreams in life we must believe in ourselves and be surrounded by people who also believe in us.
Over the years I have met many passionate, hard-working individuals in corporate America and in business.
The successful ones have one unique trait: they believe in themselves.
You can call it many names: self-reliance, self-confidence, and positive self-esteem.
Whatever way you identify it you must have it to move forward at all times.
What is Self Esteem? Self-esteem is when you quietly know that you're worth a lot and knowing that you are worthy of being loved and accepted.
You have self respect and a favorable impression of yourself.
You don't brag about it.
That's not the point.
When you have it, it is the fuel that keeps you going.
Nothing can stop you from doing what you want to do.
People can call you names and it goes in one ear and out the other.
Nothing fazes you from going after what you want in life.
Children who were raised by parents that encouraged their children and complimented them had an advantage over the rest of us who did not receive this gift of praise growing up.
Fortunately, self-esteem is a learned skill: I discovered that when I began attending seminars as a young adult.
But, it wasn't easy overcoming those childhood years of lack of self-confidence and shyness.
As a child, if we receive praise from a teacher, tutor, parent or other adult we look up to, it can help skyrocket our self-esteem.
If not, then our self-esteem is fleeting.
We may lose all hope or just get by in school and in life.
The good news is that you can attain self-esteem.
All you need is faith in yourself that with practice and understanding you can build that self-confidence muscle.
One great advantage to having good self-esteem is that you are more apt to make good choices when you are growing up.
You will not "follow the crowd.
" Instead you will make your own choices.
You will value yourself and those around you.
You will find like-minded positive friends and drop the ones that are naysayers and are constantly telling you that your ideas will not work.
Believe in yourself and you will begin to build your wealth.
The first step in making money is to believe in yourself.
Not just enough money to get by, but enough money to build your empire.
You must have confidence, passion and the knowledge to make your dreams come true.
Wealth is important because we can help others and ourselves with money.
Without money we struggle to get by.
Successful people just do it.
The successful clients and people I know have self-confidence.
They are assertive and confident in their decisions and activities.
In fact, I wrote a book about them a few years ago entitled, "Top 10 Traits of Silicon Valley Dynamos.
" They believe they can do what they aim to do.
There is no stopping them.
Do not tell them it cannot be done because they WILL DO IT.
There are no limits.
They look for the good in other people and approach life with enthusiasm.
Take charge of your life.
Begin by writing your beliefs about yourself on a piece of paper.
Read them.
What do they say about you? Are they positive or negative thoughts, or full of apprehension? Now rewrite them and make them all positive comments.
Add a few goals to the list: Things you want to accomplish in the next six months.
Write them in a positive manner such as, "I will write and finish my book in six months," I will sell $10,000 of my products in 60 days.
" Writing them down is the first step, but following through is the key to your success.
Study and learn from the Masters.
Begin by reading books that will show you how to build your business and improve your life.
Learn and meet other like-minded people at seminars and networking events.
Study how to set goals and follow through on them.
"Just do it," as the Nike ads state.
Seize opportunities that you feel passionate about.
Start setting goals and work towards achieving those goals.
Never give up.
I have a client who created and published a comic book.
She didn't know how to do it.
She hired an illustrator to help her with her idea.
Then she had to find a publisher and a distributor.
There were many challenges and disappointments.
So she decided to create a music CD about the main character in the story to add value to the comic book and explain the purpose of her heroic character.
She never gave up, even when some people told her it hasn't been done before the way she wanted to do it.
Two years later she now has a distributor and some major comic book publishers are interested.
Be bold.
Be brave.
Take charge of your life.
The first step is to believe in yourself.
For your continued success build your self-esteem every chance you get.
Have a good positive attitude and keep on going no matter what.
Bring positive thinking people into your life.
Finally, make good choices and have fun doing it.
You create your own success.
Enjoy the adventure.

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