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Time Management - Keep a Time Log

Do you have issues in allocating time for tasks? You are not sure how much time you may take to finish a job.
Right? You are not comfortable with tasks not getting finished within the stipulated time.
Isn't it? Besides, you are not sure how much time it takes to perform a periodic job such as meeting, lunch, checking mailbox or driving to office.
I suggest - you keep a time log.
   Time log is a tracker of work performed in past one day or hour.
It helps you analyze the trend of time you spend on various activities.
This information equips you to take a conscious decision on how to allocate time for a task.
Now, how does this time log help you in allocating proper time for a task? 1.
Time log helps in analyzing the trend
For example you spend half an hour in lunch, one hour in driving to office or one hour in daily meetings with your team.
If you keep a time log you would know consciously the trend of time you allocate to various tasks.
Time log reflects whether you are spending desired time to a task
Here you analyze the trend of time you spent on various jobs.
You can map the spent time to the planned time on a particular job.
You may like to fill the discrepancy for a better time management in the future.
You take an informed decision on time allocation for future tasks
Based on above two steps, you are empowered with the analysis and trend.
Whenever you allocate time for tasks, you keep these in mind.
This prevents you from wasting time on undesired activities.
This does not only help you become a better time manager but also enables you to become a disciplined individual.
The target is to allocate proper time to every task - neither more nor less.
It should be just enough.

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