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An Ancient and Potent Technique to Create More Prosperity

Some people think it's preposterous.
Some won't touch it with a ten foot pole.
When I read about it years ago, I was instantly turned off.
It was about tithing 10% of your income and giving it to a place or person where you receive spiritual help and inspiration.
I thought the technique was radical.
I heard a speaker talk about it years later, saying how she doubled and even tripled her income this way and wouldn't be without it.
I was intrigued to learn more.
Here Are Some of the Things I Found Out About It The practice goes way, way back.
Tithe means "tenth.
" It was the "magic number of increase" to the ancient Egyptians, Babylonians, Persians, Greeks, Romans, Chinese and more.
People tithed systematically, taking a tenth from all their income and giving it away.
When they did that, their luck shifted, they gained faith, and a whole lot more came back to them.
Keeping the Flow Going So when you give, you're not holding on for dear life.
You give and then you receive in a kind of ceaseless flow.
You give where you've receive spiritual nourishment.
It can be to an organization or a person who's contributed to your life in a substantial way.
They give to you, and you give back to them.
Then again you receive more and more financial well-being as you keep this flow going.
Tithing Expands You When you come from a place of expansion rather than contraction, you can see that the more faith you have, the more you believe in the process and in the source of your financial good - and the more you are able to receive.
You understand that prosperity has a spiritual basis, and you then find where your prosperity comes from.
It doesn't come from your job or your business or wife or husband.
It comes from God - the universe - and you keep the flow going to someone or some place that has assisted you to be in touch with the Source.
Finding More Information Two writers who have written eloquently about tithing are Catherine Ponder and Edwene Gaines.
Both have helped people deepen their faith and understand the true power of giving a tenth of all the funds that come to them.
When you practice it, a lot more comes in as prosperity and faith grow and expand.

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