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8 tips on how to boost energy

I've got some wild energy tips for you that are going to make you dance, make you shout, even make you mad. Ok everything but that mad part.

Your lack of pep may be simply because you are dehydrated. The American Medical Association says you need a minimum of a half gallon of water every single day in order to keep your organs and your brain hydrated. If you brain is dehydrated it can lead to some serious craziness, not just low energy levels, so make sure you don't go silly in the head and drink that h20!

Do you eat 3 square meals a day plus 2 snacks? I didn't think so, me neither. But I do try to and I can feel a big dip in energy when I go a couple days without doing so. Breakfast is by far the worst thing you can skip and oddly enough that is the meal we all tend to bypass the most. So make sure you eat a high fiber cereal in the morning and pack a lunch and a couple of snacks too.

Most of us do not get the proper amount of daily nutrition from our food intake alone. Rev up your energy with a good multi-vitamin that is rich in b-complex and you'll notice a boost in your energy after just a couple of days.

Drink green tea and lots of it. Seriously, the more the better. Green tea is chaulked full of all sorts of energy goodness and is one of the biggest assets to your immune system on the planet. You do want to avoid catching that nasty cold this year don't you?

Form a healthy sleeping habit and hit the sack at the same time every single night. Your body functions best when you go to bed and wake up on a fixed schedule. You will notice your quality of sleep improves and when you are fully rested guess what, you are fully energized.

One of the best ways to increase your energy level is by simply walking on a daily basis. It does more then just circulates the blood and improve organ and brain function, it also creates calming brain waves that will lower your stress levels and that will be a big energy increaser for you.

Get more protein in your diet. Most people don't realize that not having enough protein can actually cause serious fatigue. For you vegetarians out there, nuts are a great source of protein so try adding peanuts or almonds as a snack.

Instead of watching the news, put on something that makes you laugh. The news gets its viewership by telling you how much is wrong with the world and that is very stressing. Stick to scanning the highlights of the day in the local paper or online and you will notice the energy levels rise.

If you want more great tips in addition to the most rediculously effective crazy zany fun and homeopathic way to drive your energy through the roof, have a looksy at my link below.

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