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5 Steps to Live Inspired: Finding Meaning, Purpose and Passion in Day to Day Living

In our combined lives we have had homes, fabulous vacations, relationships, children, awards, recognition, launched successful offices and programs, traveled internationally, were entrepreneurs and more.
Yet when we paused from working so hard, we recognized that no amount of money, additional degrees, promotions, sex, adventure could fill the nagging hole in our guts and answer the questions:
  • Have I lived my life fully?
  • Have I loved wholly?
  • What is the meaning of this life?
  • Have I served my purpose?
  • Do I matter?
  • Have I made a difference?
Those inquiries sent us on our individual journeys that brought us together to create the steps to live an inspired life.
These steps will lead you  living life fully, knowing your intrinsic value (not just your worth on paper or in your profession), and find complete and total fulfillment.
When you live inspired, you will step into an aliveness that is internally sourced and unending.
These are the 5 steps that we have recognized in our lives that will move you from monotony, emptiness, depletion, into Joy, Inspiration, and Fulfillment.
Five Steps to Live Inspired: 1.
Turn Down the Volume of the Mind Don't listen to everything you think.
Let go of negative thinking: judging yourself and others, endless mind chatter, always comparing and contrasting and coming up lesser than.
All these life draining thoughts only deplete you and hold you hostage in a world that is harsh and critical with no way to escape.
The first step is to notice when you are thinking negatively or entertaining endless chattering and draining your energy.
Move into a More Powerful Conversation with Yourself When you notice that you are in a negative spin or simply that all those thoughts drain your energy, then tell yourself to switch focus.
Focus on what you can learn from an experience or what it is you want to create.
Ask yourself: "What are the outcomes I want to receive; what are the gifts in this situation; what is the good that is happening? This practice will help you quiet your mind, create a positive outlook, feel less drained, and allow you to be authentically you.
Stand in your Power and live inspired by having empowering conversations with yourself.
Listen to Your Soul Make time to listen to your inner guide daily & answer your heart's call.
This requires quiet time and inward reflection.
You can do this anywhere that you are.
Take a few minutes to sit quietly, close your eyes, turn away from outer effects to an inner awareness.
This will rejuvenate you, guide you and inspire you and fuel your day and life.
Be in Community If you have a community, make sure you are involved in it.
If you don't, get a tribe, a village, or a posse that you can walk with daily.
Belonging is essential.
Being part of a community brings us a connectedness, a wholeness that is fulfilling.
Join interest groups, spiritual or faith-based communities, or clubs.
Get to know like-minded people.
Stretch beyond your current comfort zone and let yourself grow.
Connection is vital to our sense of well being.
Make a Difference Create a sense of aliveness by paying it forward.
Knowing that your actions provide benefit will fuel your soul.
Life does not have meaning unless we are contributing to a greater good.
Start with looking at how your current profession serve others.
If you want to make even more of a difference, volunteer.
This is also one of the best ways to create community, giving and receiving makes you a part of the tribe.
When you silence your mind, create a more powerful conversation with yourself, listen to the whisperings of your own soul, connect with community, and uplift others you automatically begin to live inspired.

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