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People 101 - A Quick Guide to Personalities

This is a quick lesson on how people are different.
By different I mean in terms of their personality, their personal development and also the people they associate themselves with.
Let me elaborate, have you noticed how some people just happen to be more determined then others? Or how some people just love having SO much fun? Or maybe there to critical and really analytical? Maybe even some are very very shy? This call comes down to their personality types.
This is an amazing part of a human that very few people choose to study.
We will be using the basics of colors, mainly used by both Jerry Clark and Dr.
Tony Alessandra's preferred method of explaining this topic.
So lets begin.
The personalities are; Red: They are your very driven people, tasks come first but can be hot tempered Blue: These are your party people, highly influential and fun loving.
Do lack focus and organization Yellow: Subservient and servers, these are the people who get joy from helping others.
Can be walked all over on.
Green: That's right these are the analytical people, they love facts and figures.
Very task based people who look over things 100 times before completion.
OK that's just a brief overview of the personality types.
How does this tie in to personal development? Well it does by simply studying personal development can change the hot head red into a more determined peaceful red.
People are not just one of those colors but we are predominantly one.
Imagine if you can a square, each quadrant is a color.
Red and blue are the top and Green and Yellow are the bottom two.
Now most people, say they are Yellow, will be a combination of yellow and blue or yellow and green, There are the rarities in the world were you become your own opposite, meaning if your blue, you are also a green.
Your main two are the two you operate mostly from.
This can be altered by how you want to alter it.
Like if you want to be more like a Blue though you are a Green, just learn to relax go out and have a little more fun or embrace your yellow side and help others.
You can only reap benefits from this article.
It isn't everything on the subject but a start.

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