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THE SECRET That The Secret Left Out

Recently, a remarkable film carrying a simple solution to any problem exploded onto the popular culture. It's called The Secret.

I happen to be a true believer in the secret. Anyone is who has read Robert Collier, W. Clement Stone, Maxwell Maltz and any number of bright, successful men who have espoused this for 50 years and more. Unfortunately, some people delight primarily in a no-work interpretation of its message. Still others warm to the airy-fairy feeling of magic.

The core concept is that you ASK, you BELIEVE and you RECEIVE. Sounds okay, right?

But there is more. Even in the film, those interviewed state that they changed their behavior. Jack Canfield followed his feelings to create the book that made him nearly $100,000. Physicist John Hagelin discusses the principle of connection of matter and mind. The persuasive arguments are fascinating. Intoxicating. They equate a shift of mind as the difference.

It disappoints me to think that some people might be thinking thought is all. Changes in thoughts can move us to change our actions, which change the results of our focus. The secret of the secret is that it is necessary to absolutely clarify what we really want to happen. That alone moves most people beyond their comfort level and into other prospects and possibilities.

The secret is not a vacuous concentration on material gain but a sense of the possible manifested. Therein is the real magic from the necessary steps. It's easier to find people who are negative and full of excuses than it is for us to manage others when we face such negativity because it can come from our children and our spouses and lovers and co-workers. People we see every day.

But they don't quite recognize what is happening.

The secret itself is attractive. Everyone loves a secret and metaphysical solutions are very popular.

And there is a logical explanation for this. It is based on a formula:

Your Intention + Your Attention = Your Vital Purpose

This is about believing in you. W Clement Stone taught me to say to prospects, "Others have found this useful, and I believe this will interest you, too." He explained the power of this phrase BELIEVE saying, "So few people believe in anything that when you do you stand out! It gets their attention."

When you have a defined purpose and belief you are unstoppable. The secret merely adds that you must never ever permit your mind to question your goals.

The magic of the secret is a complete belief in the possibility that you hold in your mind. The possibility can be big and important, or it can be as specific as finding your dream job. The more clear and the more complete your belief the more you will recognize the little opportunities that bring the larger objective into focus.

My father once told a story about a man fixing his roof. After a time he lost his balance and started to slide down the roof, perilously close to the roofs edge. "God, help me," pleaded the man. Just then the man's trouser leg caught on a nail, adhering him to the roof. "Never mind," said the man, "I've got it."

We never achieve our goals alone. The attitude of gratitude comes in advance of getting the thing. When we act as if we had the thing already we fell it more, experience the state of having it. We are prepared. So when it comes it is immediately recognized.

Author John Alexandrov makes this point by breaking down the word attraction. When you separate it into it component parts the core is action that attract is a belief part requiring something to bring it into being.

Here is the lowdown on the Secret. Success is about you coming to terms with the potential inside. Everyone has that potential. Be courageous, follow the messages you receive, and take action on what comes next. That is how objectives are attained. Success begins in discovering the connection and the grace that occur when we openly embrace our future.

To transform dreams into reality, align your abilities with your opportunities.

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