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Few Techniques for Haemorrhoid Treatment

Recently, many people with hemorrhoids are making use of home hemorrhoid treatment instead of seeing a doctor. Hemorrhoids is a condition associated with the enlargement of anal veins. This causes pain in the rectum. Veins can become swollen either in internal or external side of the rectum. external hemorrhoids can be felt and seen, whereas internal hemorrhoids can only be felt. But once the internal hemorrhoids become infected, they can be seen as well.

Hemorrhoid sufferers are advised not to sit for a longtime and sitting on hard surfaces, since this will aggravate hemorrhoids. If hemorrhoid sufferers sit in a long time because they have to work behind a desk in office, it is strongly encouraged to utilize the ring pillow to sit on.

The common method used to overcome the symptoms of hemorrhoids is to sit in a container filled with warm water. Do this at least 3 times a day for at least 15 minutes each time. It will help reduce the swelling and pain. To avoid infection or bleeding in rectum, always ensure that the area around the anus is dried properly by patting it dry and not rubbing.

By the right diet you can help in reducing the symptoms of hemorrhoids. You should eat foods that contain lots of fiber, lots of water or fluids. It is advised to consume more fruits and vegetables, this will help to soften stool and relieve constipation.

It is not recommended for hemorrhoids sufferer to consume laxatives every morning. Because by using it constantly to , this will lead to contract the infection in the anal area.

There are several medical treatment options for treating hemorrhoids. One example is sclerotherapy. This treatment will help a lot to reduce the swelling but did not completely remove hemorrhoids however. The treatment is performed with a liquid chemical is injected into the area around the hemorrhoid.

Another medical assisted method is to make use of infrared coagulation where an infrared device is applied to burn up the hemorrhoids. Placing surgical rubber bands around the source of the hemorrhoid in order to stop blood supply to the hemorrhoid to let it wither is an alternative medical method that can be used.

The surgical procedure where hemorrhoids are removed is called a hemorrhoidectomy. It is known to be a very painful course of action and is only used in situations where alternative treatments have failed.

Suffering from hemorrhoids is a very discomforting situation with a fair amount of pain associated to it. It is vital for sufferers who realize that conventional suppositories, ointments and creams does not work properly or provide adequate relief, to discuss the condition with their physician at the soonest before the condition becomes infected.

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