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The Secret to Life is to Stop Saying, "I Should"

"I should" are two words you need to erase from your vocabulary.
Saying "I should" usually means "I don't want to do this, but"...
according to my ingrained beliefs it's the "right" thing to do.
In listening to my clients over the years, it is the "I should's" that create stress in people's lives.
"I should" get another degree, "I should" get a 9-5 job, "I should" participate in all of these clubs and activities that I'm not really interested in.
Or "I should" keep in contact with people that I no longer have anything in common with.
If you find yourself saying the dreaded, "I should," start to examine what the expectations are behind the statement, and who's expectations they are.
Often times, analyzing these statements helps you uncover who's standards you're living up to.
Once you start to decipher these expectations, you realize they have very little to do with what you want.
If you cannot replace your "I shoulds" with "I'd really enjoy" or "I would love to," then consider eliminating the activity, event, or action.
Life is much more joyous when we define our own expectations and determine to follow the course of action which is most fulfilling to us.
Many times the "shoulds" in life prevent us from uncovering our interests or higher purpose in life.
Realize that most of your "shoulds" are other's voices and demands about your life.
Take control and start living from your joy.
Listen to your intuition.
And as corny as it may sound, follow your heart, and ignore those voices.

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