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Skin Picking Habit - 12 Quick Tips To Help You Break It

A Skin Picking Habit, sometimes referred to as compulsive skin picking (CSP) or Dermatillomania, is believed to be a sub-condition of an obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), and is the inability to control the desire to skin pick.

It is often observed in people suffering from a number of issues including self harm or a Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD). A Skin Picking Habit can also be, as recent research shows, the result of an Impulse Control Disorder (ICD).

An Impulse Control Disorder's central feature is the inability to control one's impulses because of the instant gratification and pleasure gained.

People that habitually skin pick do so repetitively and compulsively, and describe that this satisfies an almost uncontrollable craving even at the expense of long term damage.

For people who skin pick it is often performed as a way of coping and to release stress.

A skin picking habitcan have an enormous, debilitating impact and can control every bearing of their lives. People who skin pick may often become confined to their house for days, or even weeks, skip their job or school, cancel social events and appointments, become withdrawn from family and friends and even refuse to take vacations, it can also take its toll on relationships. From a physical angle a skin picking habit can result in permanent scarring, serious infections and even disfiguration.

If you suffer from a skin picking habit here are a few effective tips that can be practiced to help relieve and control your skin picking.

1- Keep your hands occupied. Sometimes sufferers unconsciously skin pick through boredom. Try flicking through a magazine or book, take up knitting or use a stress ball.

2- Use band-aids. Put them on your fingers or on the affected areas. It will act as a barrier and not only makes it more harder to skin pick, but also gives you a second to realize what you were about to do.

3- Trim your nails. As with the band-aids, having short nails is another obstruction and will make it more difficult to pick your skin. Also it helps as it keeps them clean and decreases the chance of a picking infection.

4- Pinpoint Triggers. Record of the events leading up to your skin picking, for example stressful events, so next time these situations arise you will be more alert to them and can select alternative ways to handle them.

5- Honey. Some people report that they skin pick due to the pleasure and release they get when picking scabs or tough skin. Using honey on hard skin and scabs will soften them, therefore decreases the pleasure, and also it is a wonderful natural antibiotic (petroleum jelly works too).

6- Soothe Itching. Applying an anti-itch, anti-inflammatory analgesic balm to target areas that are vulnerable to itching will reduce the chance of unconscious desires to scratch.

7- Elastic Band Method. A technique devised by scientists is to put an elastic band around your wrist and flick it onto the skin if you find yourself picking. This draws your attention away from the temptation to skin pick.

8- For a Scalp Picking Habit. Often an itchy scalp can lead to picking. Try using a mixture of coconut oil with a few drops of tea tree oil massaged into the scalp. Leave for 15 minutes before washing off with lukewarm water. This moisturizes the scalp and eases irritation.

9- Relieve Stress. Try deep breathing exercises, meditation, listen to some soothing music or take a relaxing walk in the park.

10- Tell somebody. As well as offering support and encouragement, by telling a close friend or relative they can help you to become aware if you unconsciously skin pick.

11- Be positive. Believe in yourself, you will beat this. A positive mental outlook works wonders.

12- Take Control. The key to overcoming your skin picking habit is to make a decision to stop. When you do this you can then make the next step and concentrate on the actions needed.

To find out more about this disorder and how you can beat it read Picking Skin Habit.

These techniques hopefully will help you to decrease and control your skin picking habit.

An Impulse Control Disorder is a compulsive habit and so for a long-term, permanent solution, the skin picking habit needs breaking.

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