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5 Steps to Move From Passivity to Action

The way we think, speak and act have major influence in our lives.
Our mind and thoughts are interconnected with the body and are expressed dependently of each other.
These 3 factors have great impact on our lives whether to success or mediocrity.
However, there are 5 steps to structure our thinking patterns and body expression towards the desired result.
They are: 1.
Creation of a Vision 2.
Identification 3.
Formation Of Faith 4.
Discoveries Of Strategies 5.
Action 1.
Creation Of A Vision Vision speaks of the purpose of our lives, the discovery of knowing where you are going.
It is important to create a vision so that we know where we are heading.
The bible says man is cast away due to a lack of vision.
Hence, a proper, focus vision is required.
Identification We need to realize the role we played in bringing the outcome and realization that we are expecting.
When we know our objectives and how we are going to fulfil and our contribution to the goal, we have found an identity.
Identification enables to energize us towards our objective and destiny.
Formation of faith When we have discovered our identity, we have built a belief.
This belief leads to faith, a form of vision that is beyond human understanding.
It is a future tense that something will happen though currently it has not happened.
It is this strong belief that even in the most adverse circumstances that it can carry one's through, a vital step towards success.
Discoveries of Strategies With the proper vision, identity and the establishment of faith, we need the knowledge to execute the vision into reality.
That's where the tools, the knowledge, the things that need to be done have to be realized to fulfill the vision.
Nothing will happen without the proper empowerment.
Action With everything in place, the final step is massive action.
It's not pure action only, but a laser targeted idea with the knowledge of how to make things happen.
These 5 steps are necessary before our thoughts and body patterns will align to make our goals become a reality.

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