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Are You A Seed Or A Cake?

You know that old saying from the Law of Attraction, or manifesting, where you're supposed to charge your intention, and then forget about it, right? The examples usually given are when you're baking a cake, you don't keep opening the oven door to see if it's done, or if you're growing a plant, you don't keep digging it up to see if it's sprouted.
When it comes to human manifestation (I mean manifesting done by humans, not manifesting more humans lol), it's a bit more complicated.
A growing seedling or a cooking cake are two things that are simple, and have a pre-set plan within their structure.
A cake doesn't have DNA, but if you mix the right ingredients together, and stick 'em in the oven at the right temperature, for the right time, you WILL get the same results every single time.
The same with a seed.
You stick the seed in the ground that's got the right stuff in the dirt, and give it the right amount of water and sunlight, you will get a tree (or whatever you're growing) every single time.
Humans are bit more complicated.
Why? Because while we have some DNA that propels us forward, just like the seed, we have so much more.
Conscious thought.
And the world we operate with is always in flux.
Unlike the cake in the oven, where it's surrounded by a controlled environment, ours is always in flux.
Because our environment is made up of people just like us.
With ever changing and evolving hopes, dreams and desires.
This is absolutely FANTASTIC.
Why? Because if you stick a seed in a bunch of rocks, it won't grow.
If you stick a cake inside a microwave and forget to turn it on, it might grow some mold, but not much else.
But humans? We can not only interact with our environment, but we can use our environment (other people) as a clue on EXACTLY what we need to do to achieve our hopes and dreams.
The BEST part is, when you interact with your environment (other people) to achieve YOUR hopes and dreams, you'll likely be helping your environment (other people) achieve their hopes and dreams as well.
Meaning EVERYBODY gets what they want.
This is an absolutely BEAUTIFUL process, one that makes you feel absolutely and totally alive and on purpose.
Not like some seed that's been stuck in the ground without much choice.
Imagine if that seed could measure the dirt around it, and choose what kind of flower it wanted to grow into? That's EXACTLY what you are capable of! When you unleash your inherently programmed skills of wealth and prosperity, this is precisely what you'll be doing.
Interacting with your environment (other people) and giving them what THEY want, so you can get whatever YOU want.

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