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The Walk - Part 2

Recently we discussed the power of taking a simple 8 to 12 foot walk.
A walk that when finished you will have the knowledge that you are unstoppable.
By bringing yourself to walk across a bed of coals heated to 1800 degrees of course, you will know that you are capable of almost anything.
What if you could get the same results by starting your day with a 30 minute walk every morning down your neighborhood streets?You can.
When you form the habit of meditating for 30 minutes every day you will soon learn that you are unstoppable.
It is just the way nature works; feed yourself positive thoughts for thirty minutes each day and you will be unstoppable.
If you have read my book you know about the "Stepping to the End" exercise that requires 5 minutes of your time.
What would happen if you could do this exercise daily while you enjoy the beauty and peace all around you? Let me share with you a popular form of meditation that you can use while you walk.
The beauty of the process is that you will create space within your world and finish your thirty minute walk before you know it.
"I Am One With God" All that is required from you is to say each word with each step.
As your right foot touches the ground say "I".
When your left foot touches the ground say "am" and continue with each word and then start over and over again for the entire walk.
Do not get tied up with the words that I offer, in fact, if you can simplify them do so.
If the name "God" doesn't work for you then change it to what does.
The only condition on the phrase you pick is that it should be an uneven amount of syllables or words.
This is because each time you start the cycle you are starting on a different foot.
If you mind wonders while you are walking that is okay, just gently put yourself back on track as soon as you become aware of your wondering thoughts.
By meditating in this manner you will find your day unfolding without so many struggles, because the Universe is now conspiring to improve your current world environment.
Don't believe? Try it for a few days and then tell someone else about this process.

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