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Get Positive in 10 Easy Steps!

In today's society it can be hard to keep a positive mindset.
With constant reminders in the media on the state of the economy, environment, etc, it's much too easy to fall victim to negativity.
This can affect your mental health as well as physical, so the following are ten easy tips to keep your outlook positive! 1.
Appreciate the little things in life whether it's a perfect cup of coffee, the laugh of your child, or a beautiful sunrise.
Really savor the moment, let it sink in.
Once you open yourself to these experiences you'll find more and more of them.
Live in the moment.
Yes, all we really have is the present.
The past is behind us, and the future is, well, the future.
Let future worries take care of themselves, many times what we fear never comes to pass.
The past can never be changed so let it be a learning experience and nothing more.
Invest in yourself either with furthering your education, learning a new art, or simply getting a manicure.
Honoring one's self can do wonders with how we approach challenges later down the road.
Take a walk, run, or try a new fitness class.
Working out is good for both body and soul thanks to increased heart rate and the release of endorphins.
I personally find running an excellent way to meditate and let go of stress.
Volunteer for those less fortunate.
Serve sandwiches at a local soup kitchen or walk dogs at a nearby shelter, knowing you've done something that made life easier for another is a great way to appreciate what we have.
Start a gratitude journal and each night add ten things that you are grateful for in that day.
Go ahead, I bet you can find ten! 7.
Lose yourself in a favorite hobby or pick up a new one.
It'll focus your attention toward something productive and enjoyable.
Surround yourself with positive people and distance yourself from those who are 'toxic.
' Toxic people thrive on drama and only bring you down with them.
Even if you can't cut those people totally from your life, find new upbeat friends for balance.
Turn the news off for a while.
Sometimes it's better to distance ourselves and regroup than feed off constant negative headlines.
Sit down and list twenty things that make you a unique and wonderful person! Yes, it may sound silly and perhaps you doubt you'll find twenty, but go for it.
Do you have a quick wit and beautiful blue eyes? Are you able to soothe a friend's battered nerves? We all have attributes and abilities we were blessed with, so celebrate that! Give these tips a shot and I challenge you to write a list of your own!

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