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Is Our World Made Up of What We Think?

Joe Vitale has recently become one of my favorite authors.
His writings on the "Secret" lead me to get the movie and check it out myself.
His book "The Attractor Factor" started me to really wonder if we do in fact attract (or repel) the things we want through our thoughts.
I have always believed that the choices we make directly affect the things that happen to us.
Maybe, this is simply another way of saying that we attract things into our lives.
I do not question the correctness of The Attractor Factor.
What has me bewildered is the idea that we attract everything that happens to us.
I am not thinking about the typical examples that are offered as challenges to the idea that our thoughts manifest the things that happen in our lives.
What I am wondering is if a new born baby coming into the world is capable of manifesting anything into its life.
I imagine that even a new born baby has some type of thoughts, but can a baby make choices that will attract things to him or her? Someone wiser than I may know the answer, but I must admit that I do not know.
I can however tell you what I believe.
Let's begin with a fact: Regardless of what we do while on the Earth, the one thing that none of us can escape is death.
I believe that most Religions teach that if one is good, or does good, their reward is that upon death they will go to haven to live with "God".
Haven is said to grant unceasing joy and happiness, and a pain free eternal life.
I wonder why we are not happy when someone dies.
The old saying "everyone wants to go haven, but no one wants to die" is true.
What does dying have to do with a new born baby's thoughts? Most people believe that the process of being begins with life, followed by death.
There are other people who believe that the process begins with death, followed by life and then followed by death again.
In this society we are taught that we had best live life to the fullest, because we will only go around once.
Other societies teach that we go around many times.
Of course, I am referring to the concept of reincarnation.
A large percentage of the world's population believes in reincarnation.
In fact, a belief in reincarnation even existed in Western Societies until the Church decided to suppress the idea.
If you know your Bible, you will recall that the Hebrew people believed that "the awaited Messiah could not come until after the return of Elijah, and Jesus stated that the prophesy had been fulfilled in John the Baptist.
Another very significant statement from the Bible is that "you reap what you sow".
This statement is mostly ignored by Christians because it contradicts the concept of "grace".
The idea of "grace" came from Paul, but the idea that you can sin your whole life and accept Jesus on your death bed and receive "grace" (be forgiven) came much later.
Eastern Societies have always believed in reincarnation, which has a direct relationship to Karma.
Karma is the embodiment of the concept of reaping what you sow.
Karma: "the sum of a person's actions in previous states of existence, viewed as deciding his or her fate in future existences".
Oxford Dictionary One last concept: "dharma".
This concept relates to one's reason for being born, in other words one's purpose.
Dharma states that we come into human form at a particular time and place for a reason.
If we accept the concepts of reincarnation, karma and dharma, we can say that a new born baby is born into the world with a purpose.
The new born baby is re-born into the world, bringing with him or her the karmic results of a previous life.
At this point of life there is no need for the child to attract anything with thoughts.
It is when we grow older.
It is when we begin the work of fulfilling our purpose that our thoughts, our choices, become significant in manifesting the required tools into our lives.
I am not a guru, that is way I study Dr.
Vitale and other men and women that are wiser that I.
But, if I may? Let me close with one suggestion: Identify with something larger than yourself.
You will gain the power to survive and prosper in any personal endeavor.
Attracting your desires will be much easier.
You will easily learn to control your thoughts and actions.
Be steadfast and you will grow.

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