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How to Keep Your Promises to Yourself and Others

After you have established your compelling reasons why you should keep your promises to yourself and others, the next challenge is how to implement them.
It may appear daunting and overwhelming, and it can be if you don't apply specific core actions and behaviors that can lead you to your ultimate success.
The reason so many people fail is because they do not know exactly how to go about carrying out their pledges.
Is there some ironclad universal uniform formula for success in implementing your vows? The answer is no.
There are tried and proven actions that can greatly assist you.
Let's review several of them in this article, and you can begin implementing these actions today.
Self discipline is on the top of the food chain when it comes to fulfilling your oaths.
Exactly what is self discipline? It is self control (your authority over your own actions and behavior).
You must able to develop this behavior on a daily basis.
It will be very difficult initially.
It is a habit you must embrace totally, if you do not, your failure will be eminent.
How do you become successful regarding self discipline? You must constantly repel immediate gratification, temptation, and distractions and keep your eyes on the big picture (the reason you made your vow in the first place).
Continually think about the significant benefits to you and others, once you have achieved your desired results.
This mindset and action will constantly assist you daily.
Your promises should be realistic, reasonable, and attainable.
Before you make a pledge, really think about what you are attempting to do.
Is it in the realm of your capabilities? Be completely truthful and pragmatic with yourself.
Ask for help from others.
You may need the assistance of a personal life coach, a mentor, a friend, or anyone is willing and able to help you.
There is absolutely nothing wrong in asking for help, and most of the time you will definitely need some form of help.
A word of caution, don't be too overly dependent.
Realize what worked in the past, and realize what did not work in the past.
Don't continue to make the same mistakes over and over again.
Let what worked in the past continue to aid you in the future.
Breakdown your vows into bit size pieces, and place a time limit for their fulfillment.
"Cinch by the inch, hard by the yard".
Don't prolong the time it takes to get it done.
Do it, complete it, and move on.
Take the time to write your vow on paper, and monitor your progress.
You will be surprised of the positive effect writing down your pledge on paper will have on you.
Read it every day until your pledge is completed.
Tracking your progression will help you manage your time commitment.
In summary this article has stated several ways on how you can keep your promises.
Self control is at the top of the list, and can be the most difficult.
Be a realist when you are making your pledges.
Don't be too prideful, if you need help, get help.
Do what worked for you in the past.
Break down your goal down into small manageable parts.
Make a commitment on paper.
Track your progress.
If you feel you benefited by reading this article, suggest to a loved one, friend or whoever to read it also.

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