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Believing and Living in Fear

"I'm afraid" is when you believe in fear and fear is nothing more than believing in the negative.
If you start to meditate on fear it then becomes a reality, because it can then take roots and dominates your thoughts, stealing your joy, your enthusiasm and eventually keeping you up at night.
Stop living in worry and fear, that's called wrong thinking and wrong thinking, only allows you to keep being negative.
If you keep expecting the worse you will get the worse, start using your energy to believe, it's easy and it takes the same amount of energy.
Once you start to allow other peoples negativity start to talk you into negativity you get fear, worry and negativity because other peoples emotions can be caught just like a cold, it's contagious.
When you surround yourself with people who constantly sing the "blues" always predicting "doom and gloom" it gets rubbed off on you through the mere power of suggestion.
Get some new friends and start being that blessed person that you are, living prosperous, with some joy, some peace, some healing and some faith, in other words get yourself a new vision.
Living in fear is similar to looking into a dense fog, it not only distorts your vision, but it will obscure your vision making things seem worse than they are.
Even small fears multiply just as negative thoughts cause negative imaginations and often causes things to get way out of proportion, so stop seeing yourself as defeated and start disciplining yourself with a new thought.

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