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Garlic, Not Suitable for All People

Garlic, ginger and green onion is indispensable for daily diets. Someone likes to eat some garlic when eating noodles. Garlic can kill bacteria but even so, some people better not to eat it.

People who have liver problems: Many people think garlic can kill bacteria and viruses, thus can be used to prevent hepatitis. Even some people who have hepatitis eat garlic every day so as to cure it. But it is unhealthy because garlic plays no role in killing hepatitis virus. On the contrary, it stimulates the intestines and stomach, inhibits the secretion of digestive juice, and influences the digestion.

Besides, volatile components in it can decrease red blood cells and hemoglobin. Thus, anemia may occur, not well for treatment of hepatitis.

People who have abacterial diarrhea: Partly mucous membranes in intestines have inflammation and thus, blood vessels of intestine walls expand, are congested and swell. A large amount of electrolytes such as proteins, potassium, sodium, calcium and chlorine and liquid penetrate into gut cavity. When too much liquid stimulates the intestines, peristalsis is accelerated. And thus, bellyache or diarrhea occurs.

At that time, if you eat some garlic, the allicin can stimulates the intestines and aggravates edema. Thus, if you have abacterial diarrhea, you'd better not eat garlic.

People who have eye problems: According to traditional Chinese medical science, long- term eating of garlic can harm the liver and eyes. Thus, people with eye problems try not to eat it, especially those who have weak physique. Otherwise, their eyesight would drop, ears ring and memory drops. What's more, they may feel light-headed. When someone who suffers from nearsightedness or other eye diseases takes Chinese medicine, he should pay more attention to the diet. Otherwise, the effect of medicine can be influenced. Remember eating garlic in summer or autumn harms eyes most.

People who suffer from heavy diseases: Generally speaking, spicy foods such as garlic, ginger, fennel and pepper are healthy but for people who are suffering from heavy diseases and taking medicine, those foods would cause side- effects.

Garlic is considered healthy for blood vessels, and can improve people's immunity system, prevent cancers and arteriosclerosis, cardiovascular diseases, and stroke. Besides, it can kill various bacteria. And thus, it is welcomed almost everywhere. In German, there is a kind of ice cream made of garlic; in South Korea, people use it to treat colds; and in Cambodia, almost every dish is added in with garlic. But the above four groups try not to eat it as it can aggravate diseases.

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