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The Art Of Covert Hypnosis: Magic Tips to Get What You Want!

The art of covert hypnosis is just a term used for a state in which your subject is more receptive to commands and is neither considered to be asleep or fully awake.
Covert hypnosis has been used to help people with all manner of physiological disease and even as an anesthetic in operations.
But there is a darker side of sales man, politicians and pick up artist who use the mind control tactics for their own gain.
Covert hypnosis was first developed to gain a deeper connection with more skeptical subjects and get them to take on the hypnosis to a deeper level.
Traditional hypnosis would be a very formal affair with the subject either lying down with eyes shut or looking at some kind of repetitive image like a pendulum.
This very obvious hypnosis meant that a lot of people would build up restraint to being hypnotized and process was a lot harder.
So the great thing about covert hypnosis is that you bypass the trance inducing session and just talk straight to subconscious mind which is always listening.
One of the best stories I have heard about cover hypnosis is from the inventor Milton Erickson, who was working with a young boy who wet the bed.
He made a connection with the child by tapping his finger on the desk to match his heart rate and then said "it's perfectly fine for a young lad of seven to wet the bed, it's perfectly natural, but a young man of 8 years old would never do such a thing.
" As you a probably guessed one day after the boy's eighth birthday he stopped wetting the bed and never did it again.
Anther method to induce covert hypnosis is to shake hands in an usual way.
This will put the subject off guard and easily allow you to take control.
This works because the person has leaned what a handshake should be from a young age, so you will be able to induce confusion which is the perfect state to do covert hypnosis.

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