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Creating Powerful States With NLP

These are the things that kill enthusiasm and diminish productivity and productive capacity.
If you are currently wondering how to manage your states, there are essentially two ways to control them but I'd like to focus on only one for the moment - tapping into resourceful states.
Now, imagine for a moment a cockroach (yucks).
Could you kill it with your bare hands? Some of you might even consider killing it only if you had a long pole, or better still, you end up outsourcing the task to another family member.
A cockroach, in this case, is merely an analogy of bad feelings.
Normally, human beings are smart enough to avoid bad feelings.
But why is it that some people don't know how to experience good feelings? Well, it's mainly because we haven't got the strategy to experience good feelings and literally feel good just for fun.
To create powerful emotional states in you, follow this script: First, get yourself into a comfortable state.
Begin to think of great feelings.
Using these feelings,keep track of what you are seeing in your mind's eye.
Intensify the brightness, closeness and focus of those images and notice if the feelings intensify as well.
Now, begin to pay attention to the feeling you get from this feeling.
Notice how it moves through your body.
You might notice that it travels up or down, or rotates in a particular way.
Speed up the movement up to a point where it continues to feel good and feel better.
Next, notice what you would say to yourself in this situation.
Ask yourself what you say to yourself when you feel this good.
For instance, it might be "YES" or "Go for it!".
Repeat this phrase in your head several times and test the feeling you get.
Usually, you will amplify the sensation quite easily.
Getting into a powerful state can enable you to achieve much more in your life.
When good states are activated in you, you get a chance to be able to maximize that appropriate state and carry out the task at  hand, be it exercising, starting your project, writing your book and so on.
Remember to constantly learn to feel good in spite of terrible circumstances.
That can enable you to be more flexible and take charge of the emotions instead of letting them take charge of you.
For more information about emotional control and NLP, head down to WorldOfNLP.

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