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Vengeance is Mine Said the Lord

How often do we find ourselves overshadowed by weariness that our adversary has walked away freely while we wrestle away with frustration? How often do we wish we could just know how they were feeling, whether they suffered the same throes that they had inflicted upon us? Most times it is hard to see this and at other times we bare witness to their suffering.
However there are other ways of knowing that God has brought balance where it was needed.
Below are some of the ways of knowing that our adversaries haven't walked away without penitence.
These eliminate our need for seeking evidence of God's work or even taking revenge ourselves.
Guilt Irrespective of whom we are, or what we claim to be for every wrong that we do to anyone or any thing for that matter we feel guilty.
This is not about strengths in personality, or about experiences in life.
This is a fact of who we are.
Whether we show it to others or not, whether we choose to believe in God or not, he has placed within all of us the spirit of guilt for wrong doing.
At the same token that we suffer from the spirit of vanity so do we suffer from that of guilt for all wrong doing.
We may wear a camouflage and hide our true emotions but this lies buried within us and would eventually find its way to the surface.
It is part of our existence.
This is vengeance from the Lord.
Guilt is enough to make us have sleepless nights and be distracted from our normal daily routines.
This very rarely goes away unless we repent.
Turning to scripture There is nowhere more evident than in the bible of God taking revenge on those who did wrong.
We all know what happened to Joseph and how his brothers had to pay in the end for their actions.
We know what happened to Haman in the book of Esther when he persecuted the Jews and Queen Esther prayed to God to deliver them from trouble.
Nowhere in the Bible does anyone get away with doing wrong.
Even though Christ allowed himself to be crucified on the cross for the scripture to be fulfilled, we see that in the book of revelation it is mentioned how we get repaid for our wrong doing.
The important thing to note here is if we have faith for the goodness that God can bring to us then we must have faith that God is also taking revenge on our adversaries.
Equilibrium This is the knowledge of the balance of all things and time.
In the bible we are taught that everything has a place and a time.
There is a time for joy, for happiness, for sadness and for mourning.
Regardless of who we are these cycles are repeated within us.
When we suffer because others have inflicted pain upon us we should know that they would eventually go through the same thing.
God has made these times for all of us.
As the sun, the moon, the stars and the earth are for everyone's benefit so is joy and sadness.
The sun does not shine on a particular person, we all receive this light.
By the same token that we all share darkness so shall we receive pain for our wrong doings.
If we can understand the spiritual wisdom behind the above three aspects of our existence then we should know that the Lord is keeping his word to us.
However this is not a pretext for mockery and arrogance.
There are other things we must take into consideration as the Lord teaches us in these words, 'Rejoice not when thine enemy falleth, and let not thine heart be glad when he stumbleth: Lest the Lord see it, and it displease him, and he turn away his wrath from him.

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