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Trust the Timing

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It Looked Reasonable
Then when you first declared that goal for yourself (whatever it was), it seemed like there was more than enough time to reach it. Whether it was January or the first day of Spring, the time in front of you seemed expansive and your plan was doable. But then... inevitably... things came up: expected things, interruptions, distractions, problems, complete curve balls, and some good things, too, including potential opportunities that you stopped to investigate. Everything that vied for your attention has brought you to now. You may be left to wonder: Is what I was aiming for still possible?

Here's the Thing
Certainly when you're working on a goal that's important to you, some days it's going to feel like success can't come soon enough. It can be tempting to think you're not really making progress and that you're not working hard enough or fast enough. It's true that changes in strategy may be necessary along the way to any goal. It might be time to accelerate your effort in one area and decrease it in another. You might need input from others and to work things from different angles. That's all to be expected and can be managed. What's important to remember is that you can be flexible and make the required adjustments without buying into the idea that something's not coming to you fast enough. What is fast enough anyway? Whenever I catch myself thinking

"I should be here" instead of where I am,
I remind myself that: I trust the timing of my own evolution. It's not an affirmation I read somewhere but rather something I realized one day.
When I think it, I automatically take a deep breath. I feel calmer. I remember that I just need to do my part. Life will do the rest. I can't force it.
I can choose to go with it. You are becoming, growing, learning, and accomplishing at the exact right pace. Do you believe it?

What If You Really Did?
Even when you can't see the complete result, trust the unfolding. Even if you sense that you need a new strategy, trust the unfolding. As long as you are staying alert and listening to how your own life is guiding you and inviting you to respond, you can trust the timing of your own evolution. What would this make possible? You will feel calmer. You'll be freed up to do the work that's before you. You'll become more curious about how things might happen... and open up even more possibility. And, bonus... you'll arrive at your destination in better shape, less black and blue from beating yourself up with the should-be-doing-it-faster mentality.

This Month: - Trust yourself to make the best decisions you can, to take courageous steps, and to let the rest unfold in perfect timing. There may be some side trips on the way to your goal but you can make it. I trust the timing of my own evolution.

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