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The Meaning of Living

Most people keep asking themselves why they're alive.
This question seems like very simple.
In fact it's very complex.
Most people think of it, but they also feel puzzled at the same time.
It's not many people know the real meaning of living.
Since this question has no standard answer.
Every person may have a different answer.
So it's very difficult to judge which answer is right.
Perhaps, some people have never thought of this question.
I'm very admire those persons since they are just living without any worries, very simple and positive.
This attitude towards to life attract me a lot.
Most of my friends say that I'm a sensitive person.
So I can't live without any worries.
There are always something puzzling me which make me can't be happy in my life.
Sometimes, I hope I can live freely and needn't worry about anything.
I don't need to consider the other persons' attitudes at all.
But it's just my imagination.
I need to consider a lot of things which is unnecessary for the other people, such as which famous brand clothes should I buy, which pair of fashion Christian Louboutin shoes should I wear, what should I have at lunch, how to dress up myself will make me more attractive and charming and so on.
Those questions make me very unhappy.
I know I should be positive and not so sensitive to the other people's attitudes.
There is a saying: Go your own way, let others talk! I should live my own way.
So when I can succeed in solving this problem, I will change my opinion about why people live on earth.
Some utilitarian people say: People are living for money, rights, status; some virtuous people say: We're living for repaying a kindness; some realistic people say: We live life to life; some romantic people say: We're living for waiting for our Mr Right or Princess since it's of great significance and happiness to living with the one we love deeply in heart; while there are some people think: We're living for looking for a good soil and buying a good tomb before we are dead and so on.
I believe most people will remember that words said by private Sando Xu: To have a good life means to do a lot of meaningful things, while the most meaningful thing is to live.
I think the meaning of his words is that people should have a good life to do what she or he thinks meaningful.
Of course, everyone man alive has his own values, the only difference lies in how to choose by ourselves.
It's the same as what kind of life we choose.
In my opinion, I think we are living for "pursuing and dedicating"; Pursuing is the motivations of our lives, dedicating is the values of our lives.
It reflects the values of our lives when we do somethings for other people, for society, for human beings at the same time.
We're living for ourselves and relatives.
We're living for the harmony of society and prosperity of our country.
We're living for our next generations to live a better life and so on.
I think we should hard work for the realization of wishes what we're valuable.

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