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The Source of Christian Leadership

Perhaps it stands right to ask: What's the source of the Christian leadership? From our view it is intuition.
It may be of universal application, though.
Yet the Christian do know that good leaders are blessed with intuition.
They feel, perceive or sense what others don't.
They get it even as it is unseen to others.
There are different intuition levels, and we'd like to identify three: Those who naturally sense it.
These are those to whom leadership gifts are inborn, just part and parcel of them.
From instinct, they can understand other people and identify the best way to move them from one point of view to another.
Even as babes, they have a pattern of behavior that is akin to not just adults, but leaders.
At playgrounds, everyone else throngs after them.
People who have such natural capabilities can build on them and turn out to be great leaders and become a blessing to humanity.
Those who can never sense it.
A mismatch will result pushing such people to act in a leadership position.
No amount of maneuvering will even out the rough edges of such a one's unnatural character, he won't fit.
To work in support role may be a person's natural ability and to make him perform as a leader may bring about calamitous mistakes.
We're only custodians of what God places in our hands, not what we would wish had or what others expect us to have.
Those who are guided to sense it.
This set refers to those who have the potentials.
All they need is the guide and mentorship that will blossom their intuition into its flaring existence.
These people just need inspiration, instruction and the right information from someone that can see their innate blessing who'll let them in on the storehouse of intuition they possess.
When this is done they become enviable leaders.
Truth is, in the absence of intuition they'll be marooned by happenings and beliefs or judgments that they should control.
The purest state of leadership quality is locatable in the life of Jesus Christ.
In perfect humility He said, "...
just as the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give His life a ransom for many.
" (Matthew 20:28 NAS).

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