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Success Depends on This

Each day you get up and go to the office, job site, work place or maybe you work from home.
You may well have your day planned out with meetings, appointments and tasks that need to be taken care of but quite often these plans get disrupted or even thrown out the window because of some kind of 'emergency'.
Something that can't wait and has got to be dealt with immediately.
It is often someone elses 'emergency' that they need you to help them through or totally take care of because they have overloaded themselves.
So you need to be strong, understanding and kind enough to re-prioritize your own work load to help out.
It's in these situations that your calm manner can get you through and resolve any issue that arises.
If you posses this calm manner you can cultivate it further or if you don't you can attain it by incorporating into your day some time for meditation.
It is this meditation that will allow you to focus your mind and clear it of all its cluttered thoughts.
It will enable you to effectively plan out your day so you can make the most of your time at work and then get on with the things you most like to do.
The best time to meditate is sunrise or sunset, because you are more likely to be able to focus at these times as there aren't as many distractions.
Although you can meditate any time that suits you.
Some people find it easy to do even in a busy environment with sounds and activity all around.
There are many methods you can use when meditating.
Counting your breathing is the most common and easiest to master.
First start out by finding an out of the way quiet spot.
Position yourself sitting in a chair, cross-legged or even lying down if you prefer.
Find the most comfortable position.
Concentrate on each inhale and exhale of your breathing imagining you can see the air filling your lungs with a glow and then expelling air and any toxins in a black cloud.
Alternatively you can count each breath, keeping your mind clear.
If you find your thoughts are constantly fighting to be heard never mind just return to counting your breathing and persist.
It may take weeks or months to become competent at this but if you can persevere it will most certainly benefit you and your level of activity and motivation.
You will then be able to maintain your focus to complete tasks each day even when that unexpected emergency pops up.
There are many ways to meditate so it is best to do some research into finding the methods that suits you best.
Happy meditating and relax.

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